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Why Curbing?

        Landscape curbing is a superior landscape edging in all ways to the home improvement store alternatives. 

        It creates a very attractive finished look to landscaping creating one of the most beautiful edgings on the market.

        It has a lifetime durability and does not have to be continuously repositioned as do concrete blocks.

        It is available in nearly any color and many different designs.

        Since it is installed as wet concrete, nearly anything can be bordered.  This is NOT concrete blocks or pieces placed around landscaping but is actually installed as wet concrete.

        Landscape curbing decreases the amount of time spent keeping yards kept in clean looking condition.  Once the curb is installed, it is an effective border that keeps grass out and mulch in.

      Landscape curbing is often used to border driveways as a decorative or functional additive.  It adds a 'finished' look to driveways while creating a border to keep cars and trucks off your lawn.


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