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Available Styles

Slant Style -- Our most popular!!  Beautifies your yard with an attractive new look.  Saves hours of edging, trimming and weeding time.  Designed Flexibility allows curves, turns and contours.  Fast and Clean




Concrete Edging Molds

Concrete edging mold add structure and interest to the landscape.  If your property slopes gently down to a stream, juts up into rugged cliffs, or features hills or follows, it has built-in interest that no amount of planting can give it though of course, planting can enhance it.  But if your property has no wonderful rock forms or water features, don't despair.  You can add them and give them a timeless, natural look without too much trouble.  Following are some ideas and projects for spicing up your landscaping.


    Curb Style--Beautifies your yard with an attractive new look.  Saves hours of edging, trimming and weeding time.Design Flexibility allows curves, turns and contours.


Lawn Edging

There's a soothing, nursery thyme quality about softly rounded hills.  But let stones emerge from these hills and the picture changes radically.  The stones add mystery, energy, solidity, and rigidity.  They suggest a subterranean world of rock buried somewhere below.  I find the combination of softly rounded earth and protruding masses of hard rock both evocative and beautiful.  You'll react positively to this sight in wild nature and in the garden.



Mower Style--  This style allows you to run your mower wheel on the curb reducing your time spent trimming.







The mower style arrangement especially benefits small yards that are on flat level ground.  Plants can add mounds and tiers of leaves, but the sense is always of a flat place.  There's no substitute in a landscape for a shaped portion of earth itself a high place a low place and transitions in between.  It gives the seen new order of interest and gives the gardener new staging areas for realistic, natural looking plantings. 

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